Halloween costumes have evolved from being exclusively creepy to fun-filled and versatile. Find out some of the most popular Halloween styles on this timeline for an inspiration to dress up for this year’s Halloween in Denver.

1915: People were obsessed with hideous papier mache masks.

1925: The 1920s were all about the typical dark witches with their brooms and sinister props.

1935: People started dressing up as Disney characters but not in their very cute versions. The faces of the innocent cartoons were often twisted to something darker.

1945: The concept of angels and the devil became extremely popular.

1955: There seemed to be a Wild West approach with fashion, even if it was for Halloween. Things actually started to shift towards more pleasant ideas instead of the supernatural.

1965: Superheroes and comic book characters made their way into Halloween costume.

1975: Peace signs, disco lights and really creepy nurses and doctors started appearing at Halloween parties.

1985: Glamour began to take over the eerie Halloween spirit.

1995: Grown-ups began dressing like kids, in animal and bird costumes.

2005: Everyone started dressing as their favorite pop star!

2015: A mix of all things good, an increased inclination towards celebrity get-up and mythical creatures stayed popular.