Are you the kind to go all out for Halloween? Yep, you’re that person on the block who rigs up witches that suddenly fly across the walk when trick-or-treaters are coming up. We love you. We long for you and we will even shamelessly dress up and borrow our friends’ children to go trick-or-treating just to experience your handiwork. So, we thought we’d scour the internet to find some of the best paranormal Halloween ideas (just because we are hoping you will go through all the trouble to do this so we can be the recipient of these amazing other-worldly experiences!).

#1 – Ghostly Bodies Hanging from Trees

Yes, this sounds as spooky and life-like as it is! Get a friend (preferably a stupid one), have them wear very form-fitting clothing and saran wrap the top 2/3 of their body (yes, their head and face too – hence the stupid part…yes, make breathing holes please!). Next, wrap them completely in packing tape – like 3 times to make the structure thick and able to maintain its form. Then, cut a slit to let your oxygen deprived, sweaty friend out. Tape the slit back up and hang the form from a tree. Light it from the ground if you’re real fancy. The kids will go nuts (let’s be honest, you’ll go nuts!).

#2 – Escape from the Garage

This one is just super cool and really, really easy. Although you must have a garage door with windows at the top. You’ll trace hands including about 1/4 up the arm then cut them out. Make a ton so it looks like a lot of people are trying to escape from your garage. Tape them to the windows with the hands facing up, like they’re clawing to get out – SO AWESOME. Then, at night, turn on the light in your garage and it will illuminate the hand cutouts. You’ll make all the neighbors wonder just what you’ve got going on inside that garage of yours.

#3 – Paranormal Portraits

Grab some old picture frames and print out pics from the 1800’s of spooky-looking people (you know, they never smiled in those pictures which makes our project all the more perfect!). Age the picture, if needed with a black craft paint and water mixture and let dry. Cut out holes where the subject’s eyes are and put red mini lights in place. Secure it all with a card stock backing. Place a cluster of these frames around on a table and light them up. Totally spooky and just right for our paranormal Halloween!

Check out these sources for more about the above and additional ideas. Now, get to work – it’s almost Halloween!!