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8th Paranormal Palace

Denver Halloween Event for Charity

  • Alcohol Included!
  • $2,000 Costume Contest!
  • 25’ skulls, 20’ spiders, haunted house
  • 30+ Performers
  • 2 Bands, 4 DJ’s, 3 Floors
  • Sold Out 7 years! 2,500 guests!

Saturday, 10/29/16

9:00 PM

McNichols Civic Center Building

144 West Colfax

Denver, CO 80202

Denver Halloween commences  as you enter through the mouth of a 25’ skull and explore a cursed mausoleum ablaze with lights and crawling with the living dead.  Strongmen showcasing feats of strength, the Hall of Insane Clowns, the Damned City, a hanging crow’s cage, giant LED-lit swings, pyromaniac contortionists dangling from the rafters, purple lightning, a bodiless table, ghosts, illusions, shenanigans and whatever your imagination conjures into being.

From the funny, the crazy, the crafty, the scantily clad, the horrific…the guests’   movie-level costumes are entertainment in their own right for this Halloween in Denver.

Last year, the Little Green Plastic Army Men ousted Sesame Street’s Big Bird. Before that, Lieutenant Dan with the help of Forrest Gump taught Iron Man that he was a “Marvel shrimp.”  With $2000 on the line, who will go to battle this year?

Monster beats from Top 40 mash-ups to hip-hop 80’s and terrifying grooves that pound the Palace walls.

Liberating libations flow from the darkest realms and for VIPs, titillations from top shelf spirits and fermented crimson grapes fresh from the harvest abound.



Private entry, bar, bathrooms! An exclusive island sanctuary – at arms length from the hoard of damned souls.

Sweets, treats, smell my feets, you will find some good things to eats.


  • ALCOHOL INCLUDED in all ticket purchases
  • GA – $79
  • VIP – $129
  • Table Reservations – $99
  • Couch Pit – $299

Party with a Purpose as we celebrate V2 Charities by KevinLarsonPresents

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