Pulling off that daunting or swanky Halloween costume is something humans can do perfectly. Who else better than man’s best friend could give them a competition and be good enough to beat them at this? Well dogs are sporty, enthusiastic and full of energy all the time and once you give them a signal that it is time to go out for a walk, they exude their emotions in the most unbeatable way. So imagine once you dress them up in the most unusual and fancy costumes, how excited they would be to be at their best.

Nation’s largest Halloween dog parade in New York City saw the most vibrant and innovative dog costumes that took the spirit of Halloween to another, much higher level.

Dogs with their new haircut look different and cool but with their costumes, they looked just adorably cute! A Shih Tzu dressed as The Pope, a Great Dane (aptly) dressed as a horse, a cute little pug dressed as Flintstones from the cartoon and so much creativity seen at one single day’s parade. Some dressed their pups as vans while some dressed them as food items. Moreover, the spirit of Halloween went so high that it reached political level where one of them came dressed as Donald Trump. These spooky pooches made the parade a big hit, a great success and showed how they can give a tough competition to humans when it comes to getting all geared up with the best Halloween costume. Their owners and other people better buck up this time to reach up to the bar already set by these little angels!