Halloween is one of the most awaited Denver events during this time of the year. And as everyone gears up for the most exciting Halloween party, a video experiment acts as a reminder of how surprising and unpredictable humans can be. And we don’t mean any paper tigers here but really evil mothers who can be exceptionally shameless when it comes to grabbing free candy.

PP8 flier paranormal palace denver halloween 2016

The said hidden camera experiment started by placing lots of candy bars out in the open, meant to be picked by kids. A sign was put up that read “Help yourself but be considerate!” While the kids did have a fair idea of what is considerate and took a moderate number of candy bars, one mature lady, dressed as some sort of a bunny, seemed to prove that adults can’t be trusted. The camera footage shows how greedily the mother comes and grabs away all of the candy, much more than what the kids had taken earlier.

The video ends with calling the “Evil Mom” as the “World’s Best Mother” in quite a sarcastic way. A pseudo certificate with the title appears to make the matter light.