Okay, we know. You’ve been to dozens of Halloween parties. You may have even been to Paranormal Palace. But, of all those past Halloween parties you’ve been to have you ever been able to say, “THAT. WAS. EPIC!”, talking about it for months – even years – amongst your circle of friends conjuring up tons of laughter and pee-your-pants hilarious memories? Well, this year is your year! We’ve compiled 5 tips for ensuring this year is absolutely EPIC.  Get to work on these super cool ideas now!

Tip #1:

Recruit. Call each one of your most fun and exciting friends and convince them (yes, begging is totally kosher here) to come with you to this year’s Paranormal Palace Halloween Party. You’re going to want to put on your best sales-y hat and get them excited about the crowds, the sights, the opportunities, everything you know (because you know them) that they’re gonna be titillated by.

Tip #2:

Costume Up. Get your group together and brainstorm THE. BEST. GROUP. COSTUME. EVER. Nothing gets you noticed more than if you and 4+ of your friends show up wearing the most ingenious group costume! The sky’s the limit – and you and your friends will have an absolute blast thinking up zany ideas. And, hey, make a night of it – splurge for drinks and apps, even throw in a drinking game about costumes. You can do it.

Tip #3:

Plan ahead. Yes, this will require a little work, but it is totally worth it! Make a list of all the things you and your friends want to be certain to do at the party. Sounds too corporate? I know, but trust me, when you have a plan, there’s more of a purpose for the night and you will never get bored (how could you ever get bored here anyway!!). You’ll draft this plan for making your night epic. It might look something like this: 1) take a tour of the whole place while playing a game of finding the most common costume, 2) get drinks, 3) each of you find whoever you think has the best costume, 4) now, each of you has to go up to that person with the best costume and strike up a brief convo, 5) get drinks, 6) try to find other friends you had no idea were going to be here and all band together – the more the merrier!, 7) get drinks…..you get the idea. If you have a plan, regardless of whether you follow it or not, you’ll be busy all night having fun and creating crazy memories.

Tip #4:

Pre-Party. Yep, you heard it. Get all your friends together for a little pre-party. There are no rules here, except one. You can get ready together (which might come in handy with some of those hard to snap, zip or button costumes), watch a horror movie beforehand, whatever floats your paranormal boat. But, you MUST eat together. (Reference how much drinking is happening in Tip #3). Please EAT plenty so you can stay alert and fully enjoying the entire evening with your best pals.

Tip #5:

Be smart. Okay, there is a responsible bone in our bodies. We want you to enjoy the night and have epic stories to tell for years to come, just not stories that include the real police, jail, or car accidents. So, pace yourself. Hydrate yourself often. Pre-arrange a ride home – and, if you can afford it, book a limo – you won’t regret it! Have options for your friends to crash at someone’s house if they’ve been drinking. Confiscate car keys to ensure no one sneaks out inebriated. And, if you have to bribe everyone by making them brunch the next morning, so be it.

Now, get out there – you’ve got things to do. We’ll see you on October 31st!