You won’t tell anyone, but you are a total fraid-y cat about at least something. Maybe you watched the movie Arachnophobia when you were in Junior High and ever since you always see spiders out of the corner of your eye (yeah, even when there aren’t any!). Today, we’re talking about taking fear to a whole new level – the paranormal level. Do you have a paranormal fear? Like phasmophobia? The actual real and seriously debilitating fear of the supernatural, like ghosts? We aren’t talking about getting a bit freaked for a few minutes after watching Rosemary’s Baby or The Amityville Horror. No, this goes way, way further down the rabbit hole. We all kind of have a fascination for the experience of getting scared shitless. At least momentarily. But, very quickly we can get back to our normal comfy place and forget all about the thing that just had our heartbeat raised and breath bated.

Not so for our poor friends who suffer with phasmophobia. They can’t maintain a sense of calm if their fear kicks in. The fear can overtake them. What do they do to overcome it? Turn on every light in the house and grab 14 rosaries? In fact, it’s super hard to treat because it’s almost impossible to prove the existence of the supernatural in the first place. Can you imagine living in a constant state of fear for the things unseen around us? It sends shivers down our spines just thinking about it.

Power to you if you have real paranormal fears – you’ll need something almost godly to help you conquer that fear. Oh wait, God is supernatural too, dang it. We are no help.