We’ve all probably got some sort of story about seeing a ghost or having strange things happen, like hearing sounds (that turn out to have no source) in the house late at night, cupboards and doors slamming shut, the plain weird and inexplicable phenomenons that never get a proper explanation. In gearing up for our Paranormal Palace Halloween Party we thought we’d do our best to find the freakiest, scariest, shit-your-pants stories of the paranormal. Let’s see if you think we found the good ones:

  • Our first story is about a young 20-something gal who traveled to Tibet as she was experiencing the prime of her life – full of satisfaction and bliss. She and her friends decided casually to climb up a small hill outside the town where they were staying and as she climbed up her demeanor and thoughts seemed to automatically change, unexpectedly. She felt heavy and depressive. She reached the top and took a few moments to contemplate and while she did she started having thoughts about jumping off this large hill she was atop. She’d never ever contemplated suicide before and couldn’t figure out why she had such overwhelming feelings that she couldn’t control. She managed to get down off the hill and later found out it was known locally for many young women jumping off to their deaths. Creepy. She narrowly averted that paranormal pull to her own demise.
  • A young mother is the subject of our next story. She adopted her nephew as her own son and soon after started finding him up at the wee hours of the morning – think4am – and he was staring at something in a daze each time. She thought he was merely sleepwalking. She took him back to her bed each time until one night things took a horrifying turn. She took him to her room and his eyes turned black and he stared at her with an evil smirk then supernaturally jumped up a foot above the bed (he was only 6 years old!) with one single bound – almost as though he could fly. He crouched like a frog then made his attack on her. She held him and tried fighting this “thing” with love. Eventually he returned to his normal self as if nothing had ever happened. Eeeek, goose-bumps induced. Get that kid a shrink! Or an exorcist for that matter!!
  • Our last story is even crazier – it’s about a doll named Robert. Back in 1897, a plantation servant girl who was rumored to practice voodoo offered her owner’s son a doll. The boy took the doll and strange things began to occur. Neighbors would talk about seeing the doll moving in front of the windows and the boy would talk to the doll as others could hear another voice giggling and talking that didn’t belong to the boy. The boy grew attached to the doll and the paranormal activity continued even through to his adulthood when he married. Finally his wife insisted the doll be placed in the attic but, as suspected, they would hear the doll running all over the attic and giggling. When they moved out, they leased the home with the stipulation that the doll named Robert must stay in the attic and ever since tenants would complain of hearing running and giggling but when they would check the attic the doll had changed positions from where it was last placed. The doll eventually wound up in a local museum where, to this day, museum staff and visitors alike all report paranormal activity coming from Robert. Better the doll than you!!!

Okay, there you have it – some of the most skin-crawling stories of the paranormal. You decide what you’ll believe and let’s hope you don’t have to experience any of the madness, unless of course your aspirations include ghost hunter.